Terra Kalpa

Harmony in Nature, Luxury in Living


Welcome to our upcoming Terra Kalpa Farm Villa Project in the serene landscapes of Adakanahalli and Hebya Village. Spanning 7 acres, this project offers a unique blend of tranquillity and luxury. Choose from farm plot sizes ranging from 6 to 11 Guntas, providing the perfect canvas to design your dream escape. Situated close to Mysore Airport, our project is located near the thriving Tandya Industrial area and the proposed Film City, promising a lifestyle that seamlessly blends rural serenity with urban connectivity. Join us in crafting a haven where nature meets elegance, and your farm villa dream becomes a reality. Welcome to a life of harmonious living at our Terra Kalpa Farm Villa Project.


9-Meter Wide Concrete Roads

The layout boasts spacious 9-meter wide concrete roads, providing ample space for smooth traffic flow, easy parking, and a comfortable driving experience for residents.

Advanced Street Lighting

Street lights should be strategically located at intersections, crosswalks, and areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic to ensure safety by minimizing accidents.

Ten Years Maintenance

We are committed to the long-term well-being of our community. Ten years of maintenance services ensure that the infrastructure remains in top condition.

Marking Stones

The primary purpose of site marking stones is to define property boundaries. They are used to clearly demarcate the limits of a specific piece of land, helping prevent boundary disputes and encroachments.

drinking water connection

Ensuring that every site has its own dedicated drinking water connection is a fundamental commitment to public health and convenience. This service involves establishing and maintaining individual water supply systems for customers.

Advanced Underground Water Lane

Underground stormwater drainage system that is well-connected and constructed using concrete box-type technology.

Parks and Green Spaces

Residents can enjoy well-maintained parks and lush green spaces, providing a serene environment for relaxation and recreation. A serene atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery.


Your safety is our priority. A watchman shed and round-the-clock security personnel ensure a secure living environment for you and your family.


What is nearby

  • Mysore Airport
  • Tandya Industrial area
  • Proposed Film City


Located near Mysore Airport



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